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5 Things You Can Do this Week to Boost Your Sales for Good

Do you want more sales? You’re in the right place!

grow your sales for good

Do you want more sales? You’re in the Right Place!

There are lots of reasons why you may pay extra attention to your company’s sales.

  • Perhaps you’d like a bigger income so you can hire some help so you can cut back on the hours you work and spend more time with loved ones.
  • Maybe you have a brilliant idea for a new product but you need an injection of cash to pay for a prototype, samples or your first manufacturing run.
  • Possibly you’re long overdue a raise and want to boost your sales income so you can give yourself and your team a well-deserved salary bump.

Whatever the reason, growing your sales should be a top priority for every business.

Sales provides the momentum a business needs to survive.

And if you grow that income, you push your business to the next level; not just surviving but thriving… ready to expand into new & exciting directions.

In this article I’m going to help you begin your journey of sales growth. This 5-step process gives you 5 daily tasks.

Complete 1 each day this week and you’ll have the tools and insights that will help boost your sales for good.

And if you stick around to the end of the post I’ll even share a freebie that will give you a shortcut so you can get results even quicker!


Let’s begin…

5 Days, 5 Challenges to Boost Your Sales Potential Forever!

Day #1 – Pretend You’re a Stalker!

This is very important, so listen carefully. You should never actually BE a stalker. That’s creepy and will get you into a whole heap of legal mess.

You should however adopt the traits of a stalker, because you need to “stalk” your potential customers.

  • You need to know their hopes, dreams and fears. You need to know what they read, who they admire and the websites they visit.
  • You need to know how much they earn, if they’re married with kids or happy to be single.
  • You need to know if they have pets, where they go on holiday and what their perfect day looks like.

Getting clear on exactly who your customers are is imperative for every sales message and every single marketing method invented.

A frequent mistake I’ve seen new card and gift companies making in my 10+ years promoting this industry is they decide their customer is “anyone”.

These businesses are so eager to kickstart their sales that they don’t care who their customer is; and while it’s great to be open-minded this thought is dangerous.

Trying to sell and market to everyone under the sun is an impossible task. When you adopt this method, these are some problems you face….

  1. Creating sales and marketing messages becomes a slower, harder process and the results are weak and ineffective.
  2. You’ll confuse shoppers, so they have no clue if your product is for them and you’ll limit your potential to make sales.
  3. It muddles your branding, stopping you from attracting a community of customers who love what you do and preventing you from selling higher-priced goods.

On the other hand, when you have a clear picture of your customer the rewards are priceless…

  1. Creating sales and marketing messages becomes quick and straightforward; saving you time, money and effort.
  2. Shoppers will know instinctively that your product is for them, and they’ll be eager to buy as you’re offering the perfect solution for them.
  3. You’ll develop a brand that inspires engagement and loyalty, so shoppers are queuing up for your products and willing to spend more.

Spend time today “stalking” your potential customers. Decide who your ideal customers are and you’ll be in a much stronger position to grow your sales.

At the end of the article I’ll share where you can download a checklist to help discover your ideal customer, so keep with me till the end!

Day #2 – Dust Off Your Bells & Whistles.

Your second task of the week is to dust off your bells and whistles.

This means moving on from your ideal customer and working on your offer.

To improve your sales potential for good you need to create a product or service offering that is irresistible.

It needs every bell and whistle you can throw at it.

The card and gift industry is a crowded place. To make sales you need to stand out.

Your offer needs to be the biggest or the brightest, or the most covered in glitter offer shoppers have ever seen.

On day one you discovered everything about your ideal customer; now you can use that information to craft the perfect offer.

An offer so good they’d be crazy not to buy it!

You may have heard the term “FOMO”, well, that’s what we’re talking about. FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”. It means an offer so compelling that shoppers are eager to buy, so they don’t miss out.

To perfect an irresistible offer you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.


  • What would get their attention?
  • How can you make your offer unique from your competitors?
  • What could you do to make them buy right now?
  • How could you make them feel it’s safe to buy?

Getting your offer spot on will take testing and effort but it’s well worth the time. Once you’ve figured out how to create compelling offers you can use the same formula for every new product.

Stay to the end of this post, and I’ll share a resource, which includes the 8-point checklist I use for creating irresistible offers.

Day #3 – Plan a Journey You Frickin’ Love.

For your day 3 task I want you to plan a journey.

Specifically, I want you to create a customer journey that you absolutely LOVE!

What’s a customer journey?

Good question!

A customer journey is the trip a shopper takes from a clueless stranger (who knows nothing of you or your business) to a loyal, lifelong customer… who frequently tells all their friends and family that your products and company are the best.

We’re shooting for the stars in this journey so these shoppers need to end the trip thinking you’re the bee’s knees!

& why do you need to LOVE this journey you’re planning?

Well, that’s prep for Day 4, so more on that later.

For now, please trust me and just go with it!

There’s really 4 main steps to this journey.

Step 1. Think about how you will attract a clueless stranger’s attention.

To get a stranger’s attention there are a few things you need to consider…

  1. How will you make them aware of your business?
  2. What will you do to turn that awareness into a first close look at your products?
  3. What pitch will you make to keep their attention and spark their interest to know more?

Once you have their attention, the journey moves on.

Step 2. Turn that attention into a purchase.

Once you’ve got them looking your way you want them to take action and buy.

But how do you get them to buy?

Well, if you’ve done the work from day 1 and day 2 this is where you use everything you know about this shopper to present your irresistible offer.

Once you’ve moved the shopper from the stranger to customer, you’re onto the next stage of the journey.

Step 3. Tempt them to buy again.

This next stage is all about turning them from a one-time buyer to a repeat buyer.

You’ve done the hard work of getting their attention and convincing them to buy; Now you need to build on that relationship. Ask yourself…

  • Do they want to buy more of the same?
  • Can I offer them something new?

Depending on your business, you’ll have their address or email so this step is all about giving them more chances to buy.

Time to roll out more of those irresistible offers!

Then you can move onto the last step of the journey.

Step 4. Encourage your customers to share your business with their friends and family.

If a customer has bought multiple times you’re hopefully doing something right.

To make the most of this, you’ll want recommendations; bringing other potential customers into your world.

With this step you need to think about how you can encourage customers to spread the word.

The easiest option is to offer an incentive for recommendations. It could be a treat for your existing shopper or a coupon for the new customer.

You could even test offering both rewards to see if that works better.

The important thing with this final step is remembering that you don’t have to get fancy or inventive.

The majority of “recommend a friend” programmes keep it simple for a reason; it works.

Your priority is to put a system in place. Having no system at all is where most card & gift companies go wrong.

Whatever tactics you choose for your customer journey it’s important that you’re excited about putting them in place.

Read on to find out why…

Day #4 – Step Into the World of Self-Analysis.

On Day 4 you have the opportunity to take a little break.

Sit or lie on a sofa and imagine yourself on the psychiatrist’s couch, as today, you need to step into the world of self-analysis.

One of the biggest hurdles to sales success that I’ve seen is an unhelpful mindset.

It’s often overlooked but I think mindset is a key sales ingredient, especially in the small business and creative sectors.

I know hundreds of designers, makers and publishers that struggle with sales.

They’re creative folks and selling does not come naturally.

Sometimes they fear selling and rejection.

Sometimes they hate selling to such a degree that they’ll do whatever they can to avoid it like the plague.

Both of these mindsets present a problem.

If you have negative beliefs about sales, salespeople, asking for money, writing a sales letter or delivering a sales pitch… you could hold back your sales potential.

Because negative beliefs can turn into limiting beliefs. They can keep you stuck in procrastination or stop you from taking any action at all.

And with slow or no action your sales can suffer.

That’s why the Day 4 task is self-examination. Ask yourself…

  • Do I have beliefs that give me a negative view of selling?
  • Have I avoided or procrastinated on a sales task? If yes, why?

Sit quietly, ponder these questions and your past actions. You should start to see any mental hurdles that could be limiting your success.

If your self-analysis session digs up unhelpful thoughts I’d urge to read my article, ‘How to Stop Hating Sales (& Attract More Customers).

Which goes deeper into the subject of negative and limiting beliefs.

You can also remember that on Day 4 you created a sales journey you LOVE.

New (non-limiting) beliefs combined with a sales system you’re excited about should inspire you to spend more time selling.

The more time you dedicate to sales the better you’ll get.

& now you’re ready for the final step…

Day #5 – Mark Your Starting Line.

The final task you can undertake to boost your sales potential for good is to mark your starting line.

Growing your sales income is a journey and it has to start somewhere.

By marking out your starting line you can commit yourself to taking your sales boosting journey past this week and these 5 tasks.

You can take your sales growth seriously, because now, you’re working with the cold hard facts.

Dig out your accounts and records and pull together your current sales figures. You need to calculate the averages for the following components of your sales income…

  • Average number of customers in a month.
  • Average value of a customer orders in a month.
  • Average frequency of orders per customer in a month.

No. of Customers x No. of Orders x Frequency of Orders = Sales Income.

If you’re selling online you’ll also need to know…

  • Average number of visitors you get to your website each month.
  • Conversion rate for visitors converting to buyers.*

*Number of customers divided by number of website visitors = conversion rate for your website.

E.g. 1 customer divided by 100 website visitors = 0.01 (or 1%) conversion rate.

Number of visitors x Conversion Rate x No. of Orders x Frequency of Orders = Online Sales Income.

Once you know your starting point, you can start to consider where you want to be.

On a side note, if you’re a brand new business with no sales, this task is super easy, you’re starting line is 0 and the only way is up!

You’re also ahead of the crowd as you get to graduate from these 5 steps and move on to the real journey right away…

What to Do Next

Congratulations! You’ve set the sales snowball rolling.

You have 5 days of insights and information that will help boost your sales for good.

But now you need to put this knowledge to use.

You need to take the next step.

And here’s the very good news…

The 3 or 4 numbers you got in the Day 5 Task have given you more than a starting line.

They’re also a signpost to sales growth.
These are the “Sales Boosts” you need to focus on to grow your sales.

Traffic, conversion rate, value and frequency are 4 directions your sales journey could take. If you want to dive deeper into this I created an online training course, the Sales Boosting Toolkit and you can find out more about that here.

I promised you at the start of this article a bonus resource that could help you with a few of the tasks shared here.

The resource is my Sales Boosting Checklist Trio. Not only will it give you checklists (with instructions) for finding your ideal customer (Step 1) and creating an irresistible offer (Step 2); it will also give you a 3rd checklist to ensure your sales system is in tip-top shape…

Ready for all those lovely new customers!

Enter your name and email address below to claim a FREE copy of the Sales Boosting Checklist Trio

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