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Brand Images that Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business.

How to create brand images that stand out from the crowd

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With an increasing focus on good photography across marketing and social media channels getting the right brand images for your company is essential. For this week’s marketing tips I want to give you a run down of 6 basic concepts to consider when creating or commissioning your brand photography.

Tips for Perfecting Your Brand’s Image Collection

#1 ~ Position Your Whole Brand

The familiar adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is the perfect saying to consider when planning your brand images. The internet allows your photographs to be seen across the world so it’s important that you use them to position your brand.

Take a variety of photographs that not only show your products but also your business and values. By looking beyond your products and showcasing the design, development or craftsmanship of your products you will be able to appeal to a wider range of potential customers.

#2 ~ Focus on Quality

Inferior brand images stand out a mile and reflect badly on your business and products so always aim for high-quality pictures. Ensure images are well lit, clearly focused and that your products are framed well in the centre of the photograph.

#3 ~ Don’t Forget Wonderful White

When promoting your products you want as many people to see them as possible and that means having the right brand images ready to share. If you want to see your new product picked for a gift guide or magazine feature then you need high resolution, ‘white-out’ or ‘cut-out’ images. This is your product set against a pure white background allowing it to be easily used by magazines or publishers.

‘White-out’ images need to fit seamlessly so it’s not enough to have an almost white, cream or light grey backdrop. You can check your image fits the bill with image editing software like Photoshop or a free online editor like Picmonkey (link below). Pasting your photograph onto a pure white (hexachrome value #FFFFFF) background will ensure your image would be acceptable for a magazine feature.


#4 ~ Add a Little Life

While ‘white-out’ images are perfect for magazines they’re not the only brand images you want in your collection. Taking ‘lifestyle shots’ of your products is essential if you’re selling or promoting online.

Lifestyle photographs position your products in the context of your choosing. Context is great for websites or social media, giving potential customers lots of information in one picture. A lifestyle image can provide a frame of reference on size, use appeal. Consider posing your products in aspirational settings that will appeal to your ideal customer.

#5 ~ Delight in Details

Not every customer will appreciate all the work that goes into developing your products. Close-up imagery is a great way to show details and the quality of your products. A detailed picture can capture the texture of a card or hand-sewn stitches on homeware gifts that could be missed in a regular shot.

By mixing the angles of images and showing different sides and settings you can maximise the appeal of your products and answer questions people may have.

#6 ~ Don’t Forget the Format

Once you have your perfect collection of brand images ready it’s important not to forget a few basic technical bits and pieces. Firstly name your photographs … search engines cannot understand photographs in the same way as text so it’s important to name them well. Renaming your images to describe your product and link to your company will help the search engines and people searching the web.

On a side note, this will also help if you’re submitting images to magazines or blogs. From personal experience of receiving thousands of photos every year, it’s a lot easier to deal with images that are well labelled.

My last tip is to save your images in different formats depending on how and where they will be used. While high resolution is perfect for print, it’s not always great for websites or social media. High resolution images will be big files that might not be accepted on social media or might cause your website to load slowly.

Creating a small, ‘saved for web’ versions of your images will mean they are acceptable on a variety of platforms and will limit the load time of web pages. A must in the days of broadband and 4G where no one likes slow loading websites. If you don’t have software like Photoshop to save your images, an online image editor such as Picmonkey will allow you to save your images in different formats.


What to Do Now

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The perfect brand images will enable you to create amazing marketing resources.

Think about how you want your brand to be seen and apply this to the images you create.

A photograph can tell a story, so use yours to showcase your brand, products, values and inspiration. 

Above all don’t forget to keep the quality high.

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