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Card & Gift Network’s online business hub is for designers, makers, publishers and retailers that want to sell more online. Here you’ll find tips, articles & resources to make marketing easier.

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Discover how to find leads, win customers and set up a system for repeat buyers.


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Frustrated by your lack of knowledge when it comes to all this online stuff?

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Are your suppliers or stockists driving you a little bit crazy?

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Have you ever looked at a competitor and felt envious of what they have?

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Do you ever feel like you’re doing all this online stuff alone?

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Do you want to learn how you can grow your card & gift business online?

If you’re struggling for sales or frustrated with filling your social media feeds to see no return, these workshops are for you.


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Business Tips

Protecting Your Images Online

Information about the greeting cards images and gift images used on this website. The greeting cards images and giftware images on this site are used with the kind permission of the original designers, makers and publishers featured. Each image has been sourced direct...

Trade Associations

Trade Associations for Card & Gift BusinessesBy Charlotte BiggsTrade associations can be incredibly helpful to businesses big and small. Uniting people across a country or even the world with a common aim or purpose. In the greetings & giftware industry here...

Grow Your Business Online

6 Ways to Grow Your Card & Gift Business OnlineWhat happens when you grow your business online?Choose a Growth Strategy...Learn Frustrated by your lack of knowledge when it comes to all this online stuff? Want to know what people are talking about when they...


Use the Online World to Source New Opportunities for Your Business Find out how sourcing can help your business grow.With no limits, barriers or borders the online world is the best place to source whatever your business needs.Every business utilises sourcing. We look...


You Can Sell More Online Without Feeling Icky Find out how online selling can help your business grow.Get your happy dance ready because there's quite a few ways you can boost your business by selling online... starting right now!Every business needs sales to survive,...


Online Research Gives You the Knowledge You Need to Grow Find out how online research can boost your business.You don't have to rely on guesswork, online research can help answer your most burning questions.Card & gift businesses big and small can benefit greatly...


You Can Supercharge Your Marketing Potential with Online Promotion Find out how promoting online can help your business grow.With online promotion, you can unleash your creativity and reach new audiences all over the world. Every business needs to promote, and with...


Network Your Way to a More Successful Business Find out how networking can help your business grow.It doesn't have to be huge, but your own network can give you the support & wisdom your business needs to succeed.Where would we be without our friends and family?...


Learning Online Has Never Been Easier (Or More Rewarding) Find out how online learning can help your business grow.Even if you have no clue where to start a little learning can boost your potential to reach more people and sell more stuff.Every business needs to learn...

Recommended Tools

Recommended Tools & Services By Charlotte BiggsA quick but important note on the tools & services chosen  There are lots of online tools and services that I use for marketing & selling online. On this page I'll be sharing the tools I am currently...

Recommended Resources

A Summary of Recommended ResourcesBy Charlotte BiggsHere you'll find a variety of recommended resources to help your greetings & giftware business grow.   I'll be attempting to keep the list regularly updated so keep checking back to find more helpful...

International Trade Shows

International Trade Shows for the Greetings & Giftware IndustryBy Charlotte BiggsTrade Shows in the United States of America Show Dates City or State Country ACC Crafts Show 31st July - 2nd August 2020 San Francisco USA New England Made Giftware & Speciality...


My Industry Research

Did You Know?

76% of card and gift companies have at least one social media account; making it the most popular form of online marketing for the industry.



Online Marketing Report

This report looks at how 500 card and gift businesses market themselves online. View Report.

Retailers Marketing Report

Discover how card and gift retailers are using online marketing to promote their shops. View Report.

Facebook Marketing

71% of greeting card and gift companies have a Facebook page. In this research, we look at how they use the platform to market their products. View Report

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