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Let’s Talk About Hashtags #HashtagChat

How to Unleash the Power of Hashtags on Social Media

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For the final post in our ‘Beginner’s Guide to Twitter’ series, I wanted to share a few hashtags that can help you promote your business, showcase your products and network with the business community.

Twitter’s a great place for both creative people and businesses and these hashtags will help your tweets find the right people amongst millions of tweeters all over the world.

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Useful Twitter Hashtags & Hashtag Hours for Your Business.

General Hastags

There are many hashtags for both business in general and the greetings card and gift communities. These are hashtags that can be used at any time on any day. For this reason, these general hashtags are constantly growing and changing; making any effort to keep track of them a huge and I suspect impossible task. I, therefore, wanted to share a quick dozen of the bigger general hashtags that are particularly suited to our industry and business in general. They’re fairly self-explanatory and should be used where relevant in your tweets:









#SMB (stands for Small Medium Business)

#Startup or #Startups

#b2b (business to business advice and resources)

#b2c (business to consumer advice and resources)

Hashtag Hours

Hashtag hours generally last for an hour although some do overrun or schedule 90 minutes, even two hours if there is lots going on. The ‘hours’ are dedicated times on a particular day or everyday when groups are encouraged to connect in virtual networking sessions. Each hour has its own theme, which is targeted to a specific group or business niche. They’re a great way to soak up advice, meet people (virtually) in your industry and showcase what you do.

There’s lots of hours going on so I’ve tried to pick a few each day, which might be most helpful to our community. If you’re a local business it’s also worth doing a search on google for ‘local twitter hours’ and seeing what sessions are available for your city or county. The variety available will depend on where you live. For example, I’m based in Leicestershire. At the time of typing there’s no hour dedicated to my local city or county, but I am able to take part in both #MidlandsHour & #EastMidlandsHour. If you’re keen on connecting on a local level with other business folks the local hashtag hours are a great option.

Now, without further ado here’s a list of the hashtag hours you might want to check out.

Daily Hashtag Hours

These chats mainly happen Monday to Friday but it might be worth keeping your eyes peeled on weekends in case things change.

7am ~ #EarlyBiz

Early morning business networking hosted by @EarlyBiz

12pm ~ #UKBizLunch

Tweeting while you’re eating! A great way to be productive through lunch. Hosted By @UKBizLunch

2pm ~ #BizHour

Daily general networking event for all types of businesses.Hosted by @BizHour


3pm ~ #B2BHour

A general networking event. Chance to shout out your business. Hosted by @B2BHour

8pm ~ #CreativeBizHour

Find lots of fabulous creatives, designers, writers, and artists. Hosted by @CreativeBizHr

8pm ~ #ABWHour

Aspiring Business Women networking hour hosted by @ABWNetworking

8:30pm ~ #BuyOnlineHour

Network and showcase your products. Hosted by @BuyOnlineHour 


9am to 9pm ~ #TALKT

Stands for “Take a Look Tuesday” artists, designers and illustrators share their work.

8pm ~ #FBLikeHour

Get more FB likes for your page. Hosted by @AwardingWomen.


7.30pm ~ #HandMadeHour

A place to network and showcase your talent. Hosted by @HandmadeHour

8pm ~ #OrganicHour

A networking hour for organic lovers. Hosted by @OrganicHour

8.30pm ~ #BuyBritBrands

Promoting British Brands & Products. Hosted by @BuyBritBrands

9pm ~ #WeddingHour

Networking #hour for Brides, Grooms, Venues & Suppliers. Hosted by @weddingaffair


8pm ~ #UKBusinessHour

Promoting businesses throughout the UK. Hosted by @UKBusinessHour



10am ~ #ConnectFriday

Friday Networking in the UK. Hosted by @connectfriday

12pm ~ #EcoHour

One to check out if you’re selling Eco-friendly cards and gifts. Hosted by @ecohour

1pm ~ #craftbiz

Networking and support for Craft Businesses in the UK. Hosted by @ProCrafterGuild

3pm ~ #CakeClubHour

Eat cake & do some networking! Hosted by @CakeClubHour

4pm ~ #GBhour

Networking for Great British Businesses. Hosted by @GBhour

8pm ~ #Retailhour

A Place to SHOUT about your Retail Business. Hosted by @Retailhour

9pm~ #Weddingdaychat

Wedding Chat For Brides & Grooms & Suppliers. Hosted by @localwedconnec



7pm ~ #CraftHour

Networking for crafters and artists. Hosted by @CraftHourRT

I’ll be doing my best to keep this list updated, so if there’s a Twitter hour or hashtag I’ve missed please let me know or add a comment below.
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[bctt tweet=”A quick list of hashtags and Twitter hashtag hours to help promote your greetings and giftware business. “]

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