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Grow Your Greetings & Giftware Business Online

Welcome to Card & Gift Network

Every greetings and giftware business can benefit from the online world. Card & Gift Network’s mission is to help businesses grow online. Through teaching & promotion, the site helps designers, makers, publishers & retailers find fans, sell products and build a successful greetings & giftware business.



Workshops & courses

Do you want to learn how you can grow your card & gift business online?

If you’re struggling for sales or frustrated with filling your social media feeds to see no return, these workshops are for you.


Hi there!

My name is Charlotte and I launched Card & Gift Network way back in 2009. My aim was to get the greetings and giftware businesses I loved more attention.

I’d been working for a card and gift publisher for over 6 years and I knew first-hand how many businesses in the industry were struggling to survive in a tough retail climate.

Today, the mission continues to help card & gift businesses find their fans, sell more & thrive!


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Stress-free solutions to promoting & selling your products.

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Explore the Ways You Can Grow Your Business Online

Are you frustrated by websites, social media & that never-ending list of things you “must do” online?

Perhaps you’re stuck on how you turn those social media likes into actual sales? Or even what on earth, you should be posting on social media in the first place?!

Well, that’s totally normal & can be fixed.


The way things work

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Community Not Competition

If your style is profits at all costs, you may be in the wrong place. I believe in community not competition. We’re stronger when we work together and support each other. If you want to create products & a business with heart and soul I’m there for you.

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A Tea & Kindness Methodology

You’ve heard of the ‘carrot and stick’ approach right? Well, here at C&G HQ it’s carrots all the way. Ok, let’s be real, carrot cake… with a cup of tea. My aim is to help you make the most of the online world in a calm, supportive manner at all times.

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Committed to Creative Thinking

I’m committed to thinking creatively. Whether it’s a lack of sales or you’re having trouble managing all the different hats of a small business owner, I believe there is a creative solution to your problem. And you know what? We’re gonna find it!

What people are saying

“Charlotte’s knowledge, enthusiasm and unselfish support has been much appreciated since we started out designing and making greeting cards. Having someone like Charlotte ‘flying the flag’ for independent companies in the highly competitive card and gift market has given us the opportunity to reach retailers and consumers through her network site which we would have never been able to do. When working with Charlotte she has always been friendly, efficient and completely professional.”

Lewis Tydeman

The Avant-Card Company

“Having expert knowledge of a topic is one thing – being prepared to devote so much of your time to sharing that knowledge in an effort to help other people is another entirely. I have shamelessly picked Charlotte’s brains on a wide array of topics for as long as I’ve known her, and have never received anything less than a patient, fulsome and fact-filled reply from her: she always finds the time to give you her complete attention, and if she can’t find time, then she makes it. I have long held the belief that she is someone who doesn’t actually sleep.”

Sue Lee


Hands up if you’re ready to get your “online stuff” sorted

Tired of trying this and that? Get help building your own marketing machine, step-by-step.


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