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7 Simple Ways to Promote Your Card & Gift Business Online

Are You Using All These Methods to Promote Your Business Online?


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If you’re looking for new ways to promote your business online then today’s post is for you.

It can also be a great way to make yourself feel good if you’ve already got all 7 underway.

Today we’re focusing on online marketing. A simple rundown of the channels you can add to your marketing plan for the year ahead.

For each channel, I’ve included 3 quick tips to get you started. Each of these areas of promotion is a big topic and I will be adding more focused articles as the year progresses; for now, however, let’s start with a basic overview of how you can promote your business online.

A Quick Look at 7 Methods of Online Marketing

#1 ~ Your Website

Your website is a hugely valuable asset for one simple reason … you own it.

You make the rules and all the content you create for your website belongs to you.

This isn’t always the case when you list or post content on third party sites or social media.

  • Make sure your ‘unique selling point’ or USP is clear. This will grab people’s attention and is a clear way to promote why you’re special.
  • Use seasonal updates to refresh the look of your site. Keeping your website new and topical will make your products or service relevant.
  • Keep it simple. Too many choices can be overwhelming so give each page on your site a single purpose.

#2 ~ Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (or SEO for short) is the practice of optimising your web content and marketing messages to align with what people are looking for online.

SEO ensures search engines like google understand your website and recognise its content. Once a search engine understands your site they will be able to send the right people to you.

It’s fair to say that SEO can get a little complicated and to start with it’s good to focus on the basics. Getting into good habits with a few simple things will provide good foundations that you can build on as you learn more.

  • Think about and research the keywords and search phrases people will associate with your business.
  • Make sure each page on your website is focused on a single keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Give your images a text description via the ALT tags so search engines can understand what they are.

I will write more about SEO in the future but if you need to know more now take a look at the Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz.

#3 ~ Email Marketing

Email subscribers have shown an interest in what you do so they offer great potential as an audience for your business. It’s important to treat them as VIP’s; take care of the personal information they’ve shared and do your best to be useful (not annoying) when you email them.

  • Use email marketing software to send your emails. Dedicated email software will give statistics, let you run tests and ensure your emails are loved not hated by your fans.
  • Ask yourself if your email is providing value before you send it. If it’s not, make a change.
  • Give a freebie or voucher to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list. You’re getting their contact information so it’s only fair you give something in return.

#4 ~ Blogging

Blogging is a free and useful way to promote your business online. Not only is it a good way to communicate with potential customers but it will also look great to the search engines. New content in the form of blog posts tells search engines that your site is fresh and relevant, making them more willing to send people to you.

  • Create blog content that is of high quality and useful to your customers.
  • Encourage people to keep coming back by blogging consistently.
  • Use social media and bookmarking sites to share your blog posts with your community and the world.

#5 ~ Social Media

There are lots of different social media platforms to choose from; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google + to name just a few. With millions of people all over the world using social media every day, it’s a useful way to promote your business online and find your ideal customers.

  • Review each social media channel to see which is most popular with your ideal customer. Finding the right channel for your business will save you wasting time.
  • Tie your social media to specific business aims; directing traffic to your site, building your mailing list etc.
  • Social media is fun but can be a huge distraction. Experiment with tools to help manage your time effectively.

#6 ~ Public Relations (PR)

It probably goes without saying that getting journalists and bloggers to write about your business and products is a great way to promote your business online. Whether you’re keen to get noticed by the trade press or consumer magazines adding a PR strategy to your online marketing mix can be hugely beneficial.

  • Use a search engine to find out which journalists or bloggers are writing about your area of business. These are the people you will want to connect with.
  • Journalists are looking for a story; think about how you can make your business, products or expertise newsworthy.
  • Magazines, newspapers and blogs all have a distinct style that they return to again and again. Use their existing content to get an idea of the type of story you should pitch.

#7 ~ Paid Advertising

While it would be great to use entirely free methods to promote your business online, paid advertising gives you the chance to speak directly to your ideal customers. By aiming at a specific audience rather than the whole online world there’s a greater chance of finding real customers.

  • Test different images and text in your advertisements so you can determine which is the most successful.
  • Send your advertisement to a specific page on your site, not your homepage.
  • Have a measurable action for your advert traffic to determine its success.

What to Do Now

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Unless marketing is your one and only job all 7 of these marketing options might seem too much so stick to the basics at first and try one at a time.

Dedicating a little time to each platform will show you what works for your business and which channels you want to pursue.

If you slowly manage to work all 7 of these online marketing sectors into your business you’ll end up with a pretty unstoppable marketing machine.


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