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Information about the greeting cards images and gift images used on this website.

The greeting cards images and giftware images on this site are used with the kind permission of the original designers, makers and publishers featured.

Each image has been sourced direct from the owners or from 3rd party press agents working on their behalf. While the copyright for the text and website as a whole belongs with me, the copyright for these images remains with these original designers and makers.

Many of the designers that are featured on the site are small businesses, often individuals, and their designs are a precious commodity. These designs help them stay in business in a competitive marketplace and have been created over many weeks, months, sometimes years of product development.

With this in mind, I kindly request that you please respect the copyright of all images on the site. Please do not take or use images without permission. If you share an image give the designers credit. It might seem a little thing but proper credit enables people to find the designers, support their work and ultimately helps those designers and makers continue designing.

If you see an image that you like and would like to feature it on your own website or blog please get in touch with the original owners or myself for permission.

Images in articles will always be shown with information on the original owners so you can contact them directly if you are interested in their work.

Alternatively if you see a picture elsewhere on the site or would like me to contact the owners on your behalf you can send your request via the Contact Page.

If you’re a designer or maker and want to know more about protecting your greeting cards images and gift images I recommend you visit the following websites:

ACID – Anti-Copying in Design.

WIPO – World Intellectual Property Office.