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What other people are saying about Card & Gift Network.

Kind Words from the Card & Gift Community

Here you will find some testimonials for the Card & Gift Network site, my work and experience. If you enjoy the site and would like to leave your own testimonial please get in touch.

“Charlotte’s knowledge, enthusiasm and unselfish support has been much appreciated since we started out designing and making greeting cards. Having someone like Charlotte ‘flying the flag’ for independent companies in the highly competitive card and gift market has given us the opportunity to reach retailers and consumers through her network site which we would have never been able to do. When working with Charlotte she has always been friendly, efficient and completely professional. Also her personal interest in the greeting cards we design has encouraged us to return to Charlotte for support in showcasing new products. The Card and Gift Network is an invaluable marketing source for any independent card or gift company hoping to be successful. We hope it will continue and that we can continue to be a little part.”
Lewis Tydeman

Owner, The Avant-Card Company

“Thank you so much for this amazing feature!! What you’ve written is so lovely! Can’t thank you enough, it means so much to me and the business!”

Amy Brown

Owner, Mister Berwyn

“I’ve known Charlotte for about two years now, and during that time, I’ve been constantly impressed not just at her knowledge of all things ‘card and gift’, but her absolutely tireless and selfless devotion to everything she does, from the Card & Gift Blog to Piccadilly Lane, and everything in between.
Having expert knowledge of a topic is one thing – being prepared to devote so much of your time to sharing that knowledge in an effort to help other people is another entirely. I have shamelessly picked Charlotte’s brains on a wide array of topics for as long as I’ve known her, and have never received anything less than a patient, fulsome and fact-filled reply from her: she always finds the time to give you her complete attention, and if she can’t find time, then she makes it. I have long held the belief that she is someone who doesn’t actually sleep.
Her combination of professionalism, expertise and a rare generosity are combined with a genuine will to see others fulfil their potential, and as such, she is perfectly placed to make anything to which she turns her attention into a massive success. Her mentoring skills are second to none. She also has a fantastically droll sense of humour which I imagine must come in very handy when dealing with some of my more moronic emails.”
Sue Lee

Owner, Pennychoo Cards

“Card & Gift Network looks modern & fresh. Charlotte’s attention to detail in her blog was great and we couldn’t be happier with her post. We will definitely be using the network both to improve our business and personally to discover new products.”

Courtney Hill

Owner, Craft Club Box

“Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your mentions across social media it’s been such a boost and we have had a great reaction from it.”

Katie Phythian

Owner, Katie Phythian Design

“Every time Charlotte has featured us on her blog I have to congratulate her on her eloquence and attention to detail.  There is no-one I trust more to ‘get it right’ when describing our latest designs.  She is simply excellent at what she does.”

Linda Carlin

Director, Stooshie Design

“Being an Independent designer in the greeting card marketplace is like being a tiny fish in an enormous pond and getting noticed is no easy task. I was delighted when Charlotte accepted my submission to be featured on Card & Gift Network not only for the chance to get exposure but also because of the quality of the products she selects. Stepping out of designer/maker mode into marketing mode and trying to describe your own products is often difficult as you’re too close to them. Charlotte seems to instantly understand the products and describes them with honest eloquence. Being featured always drives traffic to my website and I’m very grateful for the time and professionalism that she devotes to help others.”

Julie Ashworth

Owner, Yoojoo

“Charlotte has very good taste. Good taste which is backed up by business smarts and in-depth industry knowhow. Because she has many years’ experience in the gift and greetings card industry she knows exactly how to promote and market Independent Designers so they stand out in what is a very crowded and competitive marketplace. She is thoroughly lovely, knowledgeable and works incredibly hard on behalf of all her clients and most importantly cares about getting the right results for them.”
Christine Cox

Director, Workspace 1

“Charlotte contacted us to say she liked our products and wanted to write about them. Of course, we were delighted to hear that and were keen to see the completed article. We enjoyed the piece and subsequently lost lots of time reading the Card & Gift Network. Great site and blog. Thank you Charlotte for introducing us to new people.”

Kirsty Whoriskey

Owner, Forever Memory Bears

“My name is Gavin Copeland and I am the founder of Je Suis Personality, a personalisation marketing company. We offer our end-users a unique brand of multi-functional personalised gifts. I have known Charlotte for [about] 15 months now, and she has always offered me great help and advice whenever I needed it. She is a real team-player and I look forward to maintaining our business relationship for years to come.”

Gavin Copeland

Owner, Je Suis Personality

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